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Our Belief & Mission Statement

Our Belief:

  • Financial Planning is a calling.
  • The calling of a financial planner is to help people become and stay financially independent.
  • Three primary principles are: Financial Planning, Professional Investment Management and Tax Planning.
  • A good financial plan involves the coordination of investments, insurance, banking, tax planning, estate planning and debt management.
  • It is very rare that an individual, however intelligent and talented, can coordinate these disciplines for his or her own appropriate financial plan. Further, few representatives of any of the traditional, above-mentioned disciplines are likely to accomplish this.
  • The role of a competent financial planner is to pull all these disciplines together in an environment where sound action and direction can result.

We call this very special advisor, YourRetirementCoach™.

Corporate Mission

We help clients avoid dangers, take advantage of opportunities and discover strengths. Our objective is to be a blessing. We facilitate and coach our clients in the coordination of prudent Investment Management, Tax Planning and Estate Planning. We seek understanding of and provide strategies for reaching our client's primary goals and objectives. We help clients avoid financial landmines (dangers). We assist clients in living without financial worries so that they can maintain financial independence and can be blessed to do those things they are called to do (opportunities and strengths).

Corporate Vision

We consider our corporate vocation as a calling and type of ministry. Our desire is to help clients achieve and enjoy the fruits of their labor by maximizing the impact they have and the reach of that impact. We also want to assist clients in being prosperous to do more for themselves and their important values and relationships. We are a funnel, not a bucket.

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