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What We Do

Dynamic Wealth Optimization™

We help individuals and families optimize their wealth. To accomplish this, we use a unique approach called, Dynamic Wealth Optimization™. The work we do for our clients is defined by these three elements...

Our MISSION is to help clients avoid dangers, take advantage of opportunities, and discover strengths.

Our MAP is designed to help our clients protect, enhance, and sustain their wealth.

Our METHODOLOGY enables us to help understand, plan, implement, and achieve our clients' goals.

What makes it DYNAMIC?

The internal and external forces that affect a family's wealth – both positively and negatively – are constantly changing. Opportunities to enhance wealth can present themselves at any time. The same is true of risks and other threats that can adversely affect a family's wealth. Our attitudes about wealth evolve over time. Our goals and objectives also change, as do the time frames within which we can achieve them. Dynamic Wealth Management™ allows us to adapt and respond to all of these variables.

How do you define WEALTH?

The concept of “wealth” tends to very subjective and highly personal. Perceptions about what it means to be “wealthy” vary greatly. For this reason, we begin every client relationship by establishing a mutual understanding. First, we seek to understand how our clients perceive their wealth. Then, we share our perspective, which is defined by the Eight Dimensions of Wealth™. This unique map allows us to explore eight separate areas (dimensions) that can affect a family's wealth in a positive or negative way.

What is wealth OPTIMIZATION?

The term “wealth management” is used by most financial service institutions today. If you ask other financial advisors what the term means (or what they actually do for their clients) you will likely get a wide range of answers. To avoid confusion we use the term wealth optimization to describe what we do for our clients. Wealth optimization is an ongoing process that seeks to achieve three specific objectives for our clients – to ENHANCE, PROTECT and SUSTAIN their wealth. We accomplish this by leading our clients on a collaborative journey, which we call our Wealth Optimization Process™.

Wealth Optimization = Art + Science

Wealth Optimization is both art and science. The science part involves logical and complex issues such as portfolio optimization, estate planning and risk management. The artistic side of wealth optimization explores the more creative dimensions such as legacy and retirement planning. Dynamic Wealth Optimization™ uses a “whole brain” (integrative) approach. It provides our clients with a framework that enables them to make smart and thoughtful decisions about the many issues that can affect their family's wealth.

Reducing COMPLEXITY...

One of the most important services we provide for our clients is to reduce the level complexity in their lives. We do this by:

  • Empowering family members with the knowledge they need to become better stewards of their family's wealth.
  • Consolidating and integrating accounts from the various financial institutions they use. This simplifies reporting and improves decision-making. It can also reduce the cost of certain functions such as tax planning and preparation.
  • Coordinating the efforts of other professional advisers and service providers. This ensures accountability and relieves family members from having to manage this function. It may also reduce certain professional service fees.
  • Facilitating planning sessions with family members and their other advisers and services providers. This can reduce the emotional stress that often accompanies this responsibility.

For more information on the D.W.O. process, ask us here!

Our DWO PHILOSOPHY: To help our clients ENHANCE, PROTECT and SUSTAIN their wealth...


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